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Midnight Tonight! [Nov. 18th, 2006|05:27 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Psyclon Nine - Flesh Harvest]

Tonight... it's Midnight's 4th Anniversary Party
with resident DJ's Phae and Liebchen... and ME!

I should be on in the usual guest slots (10 p.m. and 12:15 a.m.) and will be at the bar, on the dancefloor, or at the Strangeland table the rest of the night.

As always, more info can be found on Midnight's Web site: http://www.dcmidnight.com

Hope to see everyone out tonight!
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Alrighty... a few updates [Nov. 7th, 2006|10:33 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Tactical Sekt - Not Entertained]

First, I'll be making my debut appearance at Bound this Friday night! Come out for "Uniform Discipline" and to hear me spin some brand new tunes. Info and directions on the Bound Web site.

As if that weren't enough, I'll be spinning at Midnight on Nov. 18 for their fourth anniversary party! There will be much dancing and merriment. My setlist from 10/14 can be found here: Read more...Collapse )

ALSO, I recently updated Radio DuJour with a ton of new music and more is on the way! I'll be adding tunes from the new releases from The Retrosic, Imperative Reaction and Psyclon 9 to name a few.

And, finally, visit me on MySpace!
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Midnight - This Saturday [Oct. 14th, 2006|01:56 am]
DJ DuJour
[music |The Galan Pix - Pearl Necklace]

As a last-minute replacement for DJ KC, I'll be guesting DJ'ing at Midnight this Saturday night. I'll be spinning alongside DJ Liebchen and guest DJ Paura with special guests The Drowning Season. It should be an awesome night, so get off your booties and get out to The Meeting Place!

But, if you miss me this weekend, I'll be back on Nov. 18.

Setlist from my appearance on 9/16 can be found right here:
Read more...Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jun. 28th, 2006|02:27 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Militant Cheerleaders on the Move - Freaks]

My intentions with starting a dedicated DJ'ing blog was to write much more frequently than I have been. Unfortunately, life’s thrown me for a bit of a loop and I haven’t been able to keep up as much as I’d like. You can read all the gory details over at djdujour my other LJ, which I update slightly more often than this. :)

If you don’t want to wade through several posts worth of the continuing saga, the gist of it is: I’ve been diagnosed with an early stage of multiple sclerosis and have been operating with vision in only one eye for about a month. Last night, I began treatment in the form of a daily injection. I’m trying to look at this as just another something to add to my daily routine, but I can’t help but be a little freaked out by the whole situation.

I DO NOT expect this to affect my DJ'ing WHATSOEVER and hope to have a few gigs lined up soon. That being said, my gig at Midnight on 17th went exceptionally well and hopefully I’ll be back there real soon.

Setlist went something like this:Collapse )
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2006|01:53 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Combichrist - I'm Happy Anyway]

My Midnight gig on Saturday went quite well. It wasn't the most packed I'd seen it recently, but there was a lively crowd who was in the mood to dance! Plus they made tons of requests, many of which I was able to accommodate. Thanks for all the kind words, I'll be back next month. Set list went something like this: Read more...Collapse )

But in my more immediate future is my gig at The Dawning this Saturday. It will be my first time spinning there (but hopefully not my last) and I can't wait!

And somehow, I completely forgot that this Sunday is the Depeche Mode show @ Nissan. Good thing I got that Ticketmaster reminder. I'm getting quite forgetful in my old age!

Oh, and it looks like Pig has added a Baltimore date to their upcoming tour itinerary. It was bad enough thinking about the prospect of driving up to B'more on a Tuesday evening, but then I realized that it's the SAME NIGHT AS THE NIN SHOW! ARRRGH!
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2006|03:02 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Funker Vogt - Killing Ground]

There are a bunch of new releases coming out soon that I’m really excited about:

In Strict Confidence’s – Exile Paradise (LOVE me some ISC!)
Tactical Sekt’s - Syncope
Combichrist’s - “Use Your Body Beat” EP
Front Line Assembly’s – Artificial Soldier
The KMFDM remix album “Ruck Zuck”
(which I’m hoping will be better than their previous effort)

Speaking of KMFDM (sort of) I’m still quite devastated that Pig won’t be coming to DC on their upcoming tour. But, now that Nation’s closing in June, where would they even play? (Of course, this doesn’t explain why he bypassed Philly either…)

Btw, just a reminder that I’ll be spinning at Midnight this Saturday night and next week I have the privilege of guest DJ’ing at The Dawning in Charlottesville, where I’ll be spinning with the awesome DJ Audio Rapture. Woo-hoo!
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Long overdue update... [Apr. 10th, 2006|12:05 am]
DJ DuJour
[Current Location |Home, in front of the boob tube.]
[music |Tactical Sekt - Not Going to Work That Way]

Radio DuJour is doing well - 125 presets and counting!

I'll be spinning at Midnight on May 13 and again on June 17 - yay!
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So, uh... yeah... [Mar. 1st, 2005|06:25 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |Cubanate - Hinterland]

I've got my case now, I've been burning CD's like a woman posessed, and my sleeves are on the way, but I still haven't decided on a system. Argh! Toni (DJ SweetyPie) finally decided on the Fusion 222 (which is one of my contenders) but she doesn't have it fully functional yet, so I don't know how she likes it. I really need to decide soon. May 21 will be here in no time.
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Woo-hoo! [Feb. 24th, 2005|06:39 pm]
DJ DuJour
[mood |Bouncin' off the freakin walls]
[music |Happy Thought Hall - Get Happy]

Mark you calendars!

It's the DC debut of DJ Dujour!

Saturday, May 21, 2005
Midnight @ The Meeting Place
1707 L Street, NW, Washington, D.C.

I'll be making my guest debut alongside residents DJ Phae and DJ Vikki Wilson.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly freakin' excited...
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I love my UPS man - he always brings me nice things... [Feb. 3rd, 2005|11:24 pm]
DJ DuJour
[music |The Retrosic - Ground Zero]

My headphones arrived yesterday and I am VERY pleased. They sound fantastic! Can't wait to put 'em into action. And IsoTank finally shipped Club Bizarre 3 - I'd been waiting forever for that disc.

Still haven't bought any other equipment, though. Trying out different setups, weighing options. I'm WAY too indecisive.
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